Thursday, October 20, 2011

a day at the pumpkin patch

So many new things going on with my boys and I feel like I am falling behind on trying to keep it all written down so I don't forget the wonderful stages we are going through. I feel like the memories are slipping away so fast. I hope I can remember all the little things that were special to us at this point in our lives... 

Rowan is acting like a kid instead of a little boy, it is so hard for me to grasp. He is becoming very independent and really tries to be in charge of things these days. He is a lot happier when he is assigned a task. He is also really started to put things together on his own which means he is asking fewer questions... but none-the-less he is still very eager to learn new things. My favorite thing that he has become more aware of is God! It is so precious to hear him verbally talk about God on his own and tell us things that God made and why. He loves bible stories and he is starting to really think deeper about them now that he is older, I am so enchanted by Rowan's wonder and seeing God through his eyes has really given me a new love for Him! Rowan certainly doesn't stop teaching me! I just can't believe my little boy is about to turn 5!!

 It seems Brinley thinks he is almost 5, as well. Yes, this makes for some very feisty behavior from this strong-willed little boy! There isn't anything that Brinley won't try to do. He is not intimidated by discipline in the least! Brinley has a strange confidence about him, he is very bold and definitely takes his own lead.The fact that he is not frightened by much frightens me! Brinley makes us all laugh constantly, he loves to entertain and he certainly doesn't follow the norm. I love that about him. He really looks up to his big brother though. He loves when they are doing a task together. He is also not pushed around by Rowan, Brinley is actually the one I would bet on if the 2 were in a fight. He doesn't back down easily. They definitely bug each other but they also play together a lot more. Rowan loves teaching Brinley new things and he laughs when Brinley tries to say complicated words.  It is fun to watch them slowly become friends, and I know that they will balance each other out one day!