Thursday, August 25, 2011


I can not believe this sweet little guy is already 2. It is almost as if he knew that it was time to get bigger because as soon as we had his party he started spewing out new words like he has known them all along his favorite phrase "atch dis" (watch this) certainly means he is taking after his big brother with the love of attention. Most of the other words sound similar but we are able to decipher what he means. We are also very proud to announce that he gave up his NUK. It really wasn't as much of a fight as we were expecting! I think it was harder for me than him! Our family is so lucky to have added this sweet blessing to our lives 2 years ago and I can't help but love how God made them each so different, even from the start. There will be many things these 2 boys will be able to teach each other ()and Andy and I) over the years to come.

We did a carnival themed party and it was such a blast! All the kids were participating in the games, and loaded up on candy after they earned their tickets. My adorable niece Leightyn turned 6 in August as well so we did a partner party (as she called it). They didn't mind sharing at all because they are such pals. Brinley cried anytime someone sang Happy Birthday to him. He was also very offended when he realized someone else got to his candles before him. He loved his presents and much like his mommy he was eager to put them to immediate use! Enjoy a glimpse of our supper fun day:)


I can not say enough about Rowan being a loving big brother. He is always looking out for Brinley. Sure he has his moments of frustration, but, well, he is more patient with Brinley's tantrums than I have been lately! If Brinley hits Rowan with a toy he never reacts with an equally harmful motion, in fact, it is more likely that you will see him scrunched in a ball cowering and begging for Brinley to change his mind. It is rare that Rowan is the one who has initiated a fight.  Don't get me wrong, Rowan has his moments of name-calling, but if he catches you saying something bad about his lil' bro he would be the first to shut you up- because, of course, that is his turf! As a mom it is hard to be mad when Rowan is being mean to another kid out of defense for his brother. Call me evil annoying but some kids have it coming haha. Anyways, it is so wonderful to see him look after his brother and always helping get toys and trying to keep Brinley satisfied (trust me it is a tough task these days). But I will never take their friendship lightly and I will continue to pray that they will grow up and continue to be so involved in each other's lives, because nothing would mean more to me as a mom!

Monday, August 1, 2011

what 10 minutes with Brinley looks like

This post just wouldn't be the same if his face was clean! Little grubby.

 (I want a kiss)

 (please don't make me eat that)

 (I am spiderman)

 (I am up to no good)

 (I want another kiss)

 (I am scaring you)

 (I am so proud of myself)

(Oh, crap! I lost)