Monday, January 24, 2011

Brinley 17 months

When you're chubby you learn to break an entry in the snack cupboard at a young age....

Time is whizzing by and I am starting to realize how quickly life is getting away from me. I want to pause time, because for now things are just where I want them! Brinley has figured out that doing things his own way instead of mommy's way is much more interesting. He is finding little hiding spots around the house. Not only does he have a nuk in his mouth he usually has one more in each hand. He drags his blankie around behind him. He is very observant and learns by watching you closely (even when you dind't know he was there) He has thrown at least 8 tooth brushes down the sink drain. He can unlock my iPhone and scroll through the pictures. He can take his diaper off and escape from my grasp while I try to put it back on. Brinley can also empty every cabinet in the house in under 3 minutes. He loves having anything on his head ~including dinner.  He is starting to say all kinds of things (only if he feels like it though) -there is certainly no bribing this little muffin! His favorite things to say are this: Bapuh (Boppa), O-Row (Row Row), Ot (hot), puh puh (pup pup) Uh-oh, Mum mum (Mama), Knee-nee (Lonaiah- my sisters name), Go-Ka (mocha), Bah (ball) and his most impressive word Ka-ooo-ga (bakugon-which are Rowan's toys).  If only I could describe his raspy little voice this all would be so much cuter:) I will let you know Andy and I can not look at Brinely without laughing. He is always up to something interesting or making silly faces...even the way he walks and moves brings us humor. I am not sure if I want to pause time because this stage is our favorite or if I am scared to see what the near future may bring...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mission Impossible

trying to teach Brinley how to play Thomas the Tank without breaking the track it has been a challenge. The most progress I think we have made is more with Rowan... who doesn't freak out and attack him now Rowan just fixes it:)

-from my iPhone

Snow is Magical...

A snowy day can't keep us inside. Rowan loves to go out in the snow and this year we have had many chances! The fresh flakes just keep coming. Brinley also loves the snow but can't quite get around in all that puffy gear. On this day he happened to fall face first in the snow (I was one step too far away to save him.) I thought it was going to be a deal breaker... shoot, our hour of getting ready for 2 minutes outside can this be happening?! After I stopped laughing (because let's face it, it was adorable) he managed to compose himself and he actually kinda liked the snow on his mittens. I thought for sure that face plant had ruined his experience. We were able to be out for 15 or 20 minutes LOL so worth all that bundling. Who cares though, Rowan thought it was a blast, mostly due to our dog Mocha joining us, and when we got home the Row hopped outside for a few more moments- he obviously could not get enough. I get excited every time new snow falls it is just one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. I am glad that my kids seem to think it is magical too!

Friday, January 7, 2011

obsessed with star wars

New room! After much talk and weeks of finding the perfect paint color it is finally done and I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! I never thought that a star wars themed room could look as sweet and calm as a baby nursery but I am sure glad I was wrong. I will admit as awful as those striped walls were I would be lying if I said I hated them. I so desperately wanted that room to be a baby's nursery. It was hard for me to let go of mostly because it was the room where my boys had so many firsts. But many more memories will be made in here now that it is less cluttered!

It is a tough thing having our boys share a small space, but they don't seemed to mind one bit. It is not so much the sleeping arrangements that bother me. It is more so the lack of toy storage. We put a lot of thought into this renovation. Our good thoughts consisted of less on the walls/shelves it is already so chaotic with all the furniture. Bad thoughts went something like this: let's try to get Brinley to sleep on the trundle so we can take the crib out of the room/ We came to our senses and remembered what a trouble maker Brinley is so penning him up will keep us sane!
Rowan has always had Andy's old bed and a fresh coat of paint made it fit my liking! We weren't able to paint the rest of the furniture because it matches the crib. I am hoping to buy both boys new furniture in our next home so we kept our budget tight on this.
Over all the clearing of the room made for a tough weekend. We could barely venture through our loft let alone enter our room so that meant slumber party in the living room for every one. But I have to say it was a lot of fun working with Andy and for once we were on the same page of how to do this thing. I also have to brag about our boys because they were extremely patient and stayed out of trouble while we locked them out of their room {unsupervised eeeek} while we did the entire room.
see how it used to look
You are in love with this gray, no? 

Rowan's "must have" bedding was the starting point for the colors once I painted his bed a gray-ish white there was no turning back. I am so in love with the color!
This is actually in the closet now. It used to be in the entrance of the room

 (sorry about the poor picture quality I will get a better one in the morning-this was off my phone) Now that we lowered the crib the bed skirt looked to cluttered and frumpy so after dealing with the reality of my boy growing up I removed it.The moment Brinley wakes he is bored so to kill time he would try to yank down the curtains in his bed crown so it also had to come down- tragic!
the crib in it's glory days click here

Clearly I am not ready to let go of the babyish things. My boys love their blankies so I display them proudly-Brinley loves to yank them all of the wall, I can already see this being a cute little problem. "Brown Bear" is both of my boys' favorite book (and mine) so it is out on the shelf easy to retrieve!
See those curtains in the background. Yes, those expensive silk curtains I HAD TO HAVE (just before Rowan was born). Well I so badly wanted to get rid of them before we re-did the room and my practical husband refused. He reminded me of my begging for them long ago. Now that the room is done I actually kind of love them again! Hooray for Andy sticking it to me!