Thursday, June 10, 2010

here are my Little Darlings

Just another day outside turned into the garage exploding on the lawn, again. I feel like we can not ever play outside unless every toy is involved. At first I took stuff out because I was going to try and re-create a few pictures I saw a photographer~friend do ....considering we already had the beverage bins as props. Little did I know my subjects found it to be more fun than I anticipated. I am no photographer but hey with kids these cute any picture can turn out to be a framer.
I love chubby baby hands but there is nothing sweeter than Rowan showing he loves chubby Brinley's knuckles as much as mommy does. As a mom I know there is nothing more incredible than a photo that captures a secret moment between her two children.

I can not help but turn most of my images to black and white, there is something so effortless about them. Black and white images give you back the feeling of being there again, for just a moment. So genuine. So fragile. So timeless. So lovely.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dodge's Dozing Den

I wasn't sure how to start this blog a few months back when Andy and I first talked about it. I feel like I wanted something new from the picture updates I do via twitpic or facebook. So I chose their bedroom also referred to as den, lair, bunk, hide-out, cave, lodge, perch. It is where we have many special moments.
Rowan's Resting Place??? Rowan does everything BUT sleep in his room. He just can't stay still enough to sleep. He stalls for about an hour during bedtime including the usual I am thirsty, I have to go potty, and my personal favorite I need another kiss mommy. We have a fun tradition of telling him a made up story (which never seem to be long enough for him) and truthfully I usually babble on about who-knows-what but as long as there is a knight, a lightsaber, and Joe Mauer throughout the story I don't think he really listens to what else I am saying. He wakes up at the crack of dawn, assuring us he will play alone if we want to stay asleep... that never happens. Star Wars pillows may lay on his bed but I must come clean, he is too scared of the stormtroopers to sleep with them. His Castle (or boys dollhouse as we call it), his bookshelf and a pink hello kitty gumball machine are among the most used things in his room.
Brinley's Bunk. Brinley, like his brother, likes his bed for more things than sleeping. "Peek-a-boo" and "throw-your-nuk-over-the-side" are amongst his favorite activities in his bed. He actually sleeps with Rowan's star wars pillow more than his brother, and he LOVES to be covered in blankets while drifting off. Brinley also likes to dump out every bin in the entire room before he even lets anybody know that he secretly scooted his way in. He already loves to unload the bookshelf hoping that Rowan will read a book to him while mommy picks up. One of the best things is when I wake up to the sound of laughter coming from the room only to find that Rowan has joined his little brother in the crib.
Both of my boys have inherited the novelty of sleeping with a "buh" blanket. They cannot fall asleep without it and it is the first thing they grab when they wake up. Unfortunately Rowan chews the corners of his like I did. Brinley has to have the fuzzy side up against his cheek. Hopefully they don't end up 26 and married still sleeping with it *wink, wink*

*One thing that only another mom can relate to, I LOVE the smell of my boys while they are sleeping. It makes my heart melt!