Thursday, June 10, 2010

here are my Little Darlings

Just another day outside turned into the garage exploding on the lawn, again. I feel like we can not ever play outside unless every toy is involved. At first I took stuff out because I was going to try and re-create a few pictures I saw a photographer~friend do ....considering we already had the beverage bins as props. Little did I know my subjects found it to be more fun than I anticipated. I am no photographer but hey with kids these cute any picture can turn out to be a framer.
I love chubby baby hands but there is nothing sweeter than Rowan showing he loves chubby Brinley's knuckles as much as mommy does. As a mom I know there is nothing more incredible than a photo that captures a secret moment between her two children.

I can not help but turn most of my images to black and white, there is something so effortless about them. Black and white images give you back the feeling of being there again, for just a moment. So genuine. So fragile. So timeless. So lovely.


History of Londonderry said...

Adorable! Love the series of the 3 color pictures of Brinley.

Kimmy said...

Oh those boys are so sweet! I love all the pics you took, they turned out great. I think that in a few of them Brinley looks SO much like Andy! And, I would expect nothing less from Rowan than taking EVERY toy out to play with but I love how he is like that :)

Elizabeth Lenox said...

loove those pictures! sweet boys