Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ice-cream social

WOW! Is it that time for Rowan to go to Pre-k already?! We are VERY excited about this big change in his life. However, I think Rowan is MORE excited than we are... which really makes us at peace with the TOUGH decision to send our 3 year old off to school. We had been teeter-tottering the idea for some time just praying that GOD would give us direction on what to do about pre-school. After MCA dropped their 3 year old program's tuition for Tues/Thurs we KNEW that we had our answer. PERFECT PEACE. Ever since then Rowan has done nothing but make us CONFIDENT about this decision. He is so EAGER to learn! He is SO attentive and retains knowledge so well. All of a sudden he has GREAT interest in God and Bible stories (which is the most amazing thing to witness as a mother.) I am very confident that MCA is where Rowan IS suppose to start!
I also love that he has ever growing enthusiasm:
He keeps asking what day he is starting...so we made a cute countdown calendar.
He keeps checking out his supplies making sure they are all there...he carries his backpack around everywhere.
He even asks when he gets to wear his uniform.... I love that he calls them "my work shirts"
There is no doubt that Sept 14th will be a sad day, but I know that he is well equipped and more then ready for God to start working in him!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Engagement Session

Ever since we had Rowan, Andy and I felt that pictures of just the two of us were awkward. It just seems so empty without our bright-eyed boys front and center. So when Tasha said she was going to snap a few of 'just us' while the boys had a break from pictures we were like “OH NO!” Let me tell you it was not smooth sailing to start. Tasha told us to kiss… oh man, AWKWARD! We kissed. With our eyes wide open. All of us burst into laughter. (Fortunately we got more natural very quickly.) As soon as I got the pictures back I was thrilled! I was also awe-struck that I still have a HUGE crush on my husband. The more I looked through them I realized I truly enjoyed seeing our love for each other in print. I don’t see two people who are just married and living in the same house. I see two people who are in love… who share the same goals… who want the best for each other. I know first-hand that being in love hasn’t always been easy for Andy and I. If you knew us when we first started dating you may be surprised we made it this far! But you know what, having our boys changed all of that. Let me just say there is nothing sexier than seeing your husband taking care of your child. Andy makes me so proud. He is so motivated, even-tempered and realistic. He really balances me out, oh and he just oozes coolness. Parenting really brought our relationship to a whole new level. I can honestly say we are more in love than ever, and it is so fun and easy with him. It is such a wonderful thing to have these pictures as a reminder that there is always time for us in the midst of all this parenting chaos.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Learning means growing

Some moments in life happen all too quickly. Once it has passed there is no way to get it back. I have found this out the hard way (repeatedly). I can’t tell you how many times my child does something I adore and then I blink and forget what just happened. It actually saddens me to think of how many missed opportunities I have throughout each and every day…chances to steal that moment away and tuck it in a safe place. I know that the chances to rock them to sleep are slipping away through my fingers regardless of how hard I try to grasp them. I know that they won’t want to hold my hand forever. I know that the times they beg for my attention are soon to be few and far between. There are times a child is striving for my attention as I am trying to get things around the house done and I get bothered by them. Then later when I replay it in my head I am tormented by the fact that I brushed away a moment so innocent, so precious, so rare. If I know that these things go away so suddenly then why is it so hard to just soak it in instead of rush it away? I have no answer, however I do know this. As a mom I have actually learned more than I have taught. I have learned to love more than I knew I could. I have learned more sports players than I could care to repeat. I know each and every star wars character of significance. I have learned how to do 10 things at once. I have learned to go days without a shower (ick). I have learned to trust God. I have learned to let things go. I have learned to sacrafice. I have learned that Rowan has more brilliant things to say at age 3 than I could ever say in my life. I have learned that Brinley has more joy and peace at one year old than I have ever experienced. I would be lying if I said that I was a great mom and I have it all together. I don’t. However, I do believe that as long as you are aware of your imperfections you will have an opportunity to change them. To me being a mom is a work in progress …I am still learning! I am just glad for the moments when I do take the time to tell them they are my world, that they can do no wrong, and that they should dream bigger than the skies, because Rowan and Brinley taught me that those moments can last forever.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Escape of the garage sale employee

Ahhh I love him! Watch his cute feet:)

YouTube Video

-there are always lovely things to be thankful for

Hard core stuff

This dude is FRIGGIN awesome
He oozes cool JUST like his daddy

YouTube Video

-there are always lovely things to be thankful for

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We eat bubbles

SUPERHEROES in the bath tub, superheroes in every NOOK and CRANNY in the house. Who am I kidding? These are BOYS we are talking about. Even if they don't chase frogs it DOESN'T mean that they aren't full-hearted boys! Cause trust me THEY are. They cannot even take a bath normal. There is water from the CEILING to the FLOORS at bath time. After they get bored eating BUBBLES they leap over eachother and make a GOOD attempt to be the first to the newly added bath toys. I guess there is a lot to get used when it comes to raising boys. Who am I kidding even I laugh when they toot in the tub

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Day It All Went Down Hill...

It started off just an ORDINARY day with 2 kids
if there IS such a thing as ordinary...
we even got to SLEEP-IN
(with that much good fortune I should have known!)
then we HEARD something go BUMP
yep, the the dishwasher soap
knowing it was ORGANIC I felt better when we caught him eating it
on the other hand since it was organic I was FURIOUS
cause it cost more and now there.it.is lying USELESS on our lanolium
As usual we went for a family walk.
we made our regular pit~stops
the GRASSY hill... the ROCK pile
and of course the DIRT MOUND duh!
I was looking kinda cute that day
(meaning I was showered with clean hair)
so SILLY of me to think I could get a DECENT picture
a picture of me and Rowan to have forever
isn't it beautiful?
Typical Andy
after my photo opp Andy kept the memories coming
let's put it this way
Andy+ quicksand hill+ Rowan over his shoulder
=fall on PRICKLEY bush
thankfully there were no MAJOR cuts
(on his face or his new jeans)
BABE. see how you do that? take a picture with their ENTIRE face in it.
at least Row fealt good enough to walk Mocha home
(the old-fashioned way)

...and THEY lived HAPPILY ever after

Monday, August 9, 2010

Looking for rowan

Just seeing if this funny little video works on my blog:) he just wanted his big bro to wake up and play!

YouTube Video

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Darling One Year Old

I had something really beautiful written talking about Brinley then I realized that was something I only want to share with him. So it is very unlike me but I am not going to say a thing but here are some pictures of how sweet this little boy is. This past year has over joyed us. We love you little Buggie!! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Darling Party

This was remarkably my favorite day of summer, it is going to be impossible to beat! Brinley was so much fun and such a great sport all day long. I was a little leary when he was (abruptly) awaken from his nap by a cousin who joined him in the crib... he became unusually cranky. I thought "Oh no, we are not going to re-live the crying, crabby 1st birthday his brother had!" Go figure, after he ate he perked right up! Whew, it went on to be a great day. We got right down to business serving the food and letting everyone swim to cool off. Then we got to it. Time for presents. Brinley was thrilled about the shiny wrapping paper. Rowan was in charge of present time and boy did he take his duty seriously. I think Rowan enjoyed the gifts more than Brinley! THEN, it was time for the serious stuff... CAKE! Brinley was taken-a-back when I grabbed his hand to avoid it from getting burnt on the candle. He took a second (and only a second) to get over it and then he dove in...literally. With the first lick off my finger he decided he would take this challenge on his own. He grabbed a few handfuls then decided that was only slowing him down and he headed face first into the cake. If only there were pictures to capture that moment....

A little time to check it all out before the party started

Resting up quick so that he can enjoy my party when all his friends come!

Sneaking off to check out his goodies

The good things parties are made of!

Present time: how perfect a bug umbrella and rainboots for our little buggie!

My absolute favorite moment~ there aren't enough pictures to give you my complete joy of this moment.
My mom and Andy help wash-up after Brinley devoured his yummy cake!
My wonderful friends who made it so special (Kim and I show off our hard work)
Nana and Brinley having a ball before it all goes away