Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Darling Party

This was remarkably my favorite day of summer, it is going to be impossible to beat! Brinley was so much fun and such a great sport all day long. I was a little leary when he was (abruptly) awaken from his nap by a cousin who joined him in the crib... he became unusually cranky. I thought "Oh no, we are not going to re-live the crying, crabby 1st birthday his brother had!" Go figure, after he ate he perked right up! Whew, it went on to be a great day. We got right down to business serving the food and letting everyone swim to cool off. Then we got to it. Time for presents. Brinley was thrilled about the shiny wrapping paper. Rowan was in charge of present time and boy did he take his duty seriously. I think Rowan enjoyed the gifts more than Brinley! THEN, it was time for the serious stuff... CAKE! Brinley was taken-a-back when I grabbed his hand to avoid it from getting burnt on the candle. He took a second (and only a second) to get over it and then he dove in...literally. With the first lick off my finger he decided he would take this challenge on his own. He grabbed a few handfuls then decided that was only slowing him down and he headed face first into the cake. If only there were pictures to capture that moment....

A little time to check it all out before the party started

Resting up quick so that he can enjoy my party when all his friends come!

Sneaking off to check out his goodies

The good things parties are made of!

Present time: how perfect a bug umbrella and rainboots for our little buggie!

My absolute favorite moment~ there aren't enough pictures to give you my complete joy of this moment.
My mom and Andy help wash-up after Brinley devoured his yummy cake!
My wonderful friends who made it so special (Kim and I show off our hard work)
Nana and Brinley having a ball before it all goes away


Kimmy said...

Oh how perfect a day it was!! It was so fun watching him enjoy his party! The pictures of him getting into his cake are just priceless!! Love that little bugger :)

Lynn said...

Love, love, love these photos. All of you obviously had a wonderful time!