Monday, August 16, 2010

The Day It All Went Down Hill...

It started off just an ORDINARY day with 2 kids
if there IS such a thing as ordinary...
we even got to SLEEP-IN
(with that much good fortune I should have known!)
then we HEARD something go BUMP
yep, the the dishwasher soap
knowing it was ORGANIC I felt better when we caught him eating it
on the other hand since it was organic I was FURIOUS
cause it cost more and now lying USELESS on our lanolium
As usual we went for a family walk.
we made our regular pit~stops
the GRASSY hill... the ROCK pile
and of course the DIRT MOUND duh!
I was looking kinda cute that day
(meaning I was showered with clean hair)
so SILLY of me to think I could get a DECENT picture
a picture of me and Rowan to have forever
isn't it beautiful?
Typical Andy
after my photo opp Andy kept the memories coming
let's put it this way
Andy+ quicksand hill+ Rowan over his shoulder
=fall on PRICKLEY bush
thankfully there were no MAJOR cuts
(on his face or his new jeans)
BABE. see how you do that? take a picture with their ENTIRE face in it.
at least Row fealt good enough to walk Mocha home
(the old-fashioned way)

...and THEY lived HAPPILY ever after


Kimmy said...

What a precious picture of you and Rowan....bahaha :) & the picture of Andy & Row, man this day really provided you with some great photographs for framing!

Elizabeth Lenox said...

LOL. My husband has a way of making me look REALLY ugly in photographs. I have no idea how he does it. It's kind of like he's thinking "let me take this photo of the worst possible angle of my wife there is."

Shaynah Asher said...

oh yeah Liz, I hear you. He always gets the worst shot of me:( I already don't photograph well... then put him behind the camera!
oh kimmy it was still a fun day but geesh it sure was interesting:)