Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Darling Details

A perfectly "hand-made" celebration it was! My little buggie is turning ONE and it is certainly something to celebrate! This all started from a small color scheme and kept on growing from there. I looked high and low for invites and couldn't find one that was as monumental as this past I decided to write it and make it. Once I started the crafting DID NOT stop. From Tissue balls (that were donated and created with the help of my sister-in-law Kimmy), to the banner, to the Jello sticks, to the party favors, and all the way to the birthday boys hat there wasn't a thing that wasn't thoughtfully crafted. I wasn't thrilled about every little thing and how it came together. Even the hunts to unique grocery stores wear were moments that I enjoyed!! (Another thanks to Kimmy for that!) It was truly the most wonderful day! It makes it even more special knowing that so much love went into making it so unique.

from left to right top to bottom
*The invites (each 2nd page and ribbon were different varitions of the color scheme)
*Brinley was so excited to attack his cake so I had to grab his hands so the color coordinated candle didn't burn him
*Tissue balls were scattered throughout the trees and yard with colors that POP
*The green and blue Jell-O was placed in adorable bowls with sticks that read "ONE" in their centers
*A hand-made linen and crepe banner reads: ONE YEAR OLD
*Unique containers for a fun festive color splash
*The party giveaways make it complete with favors that perfectly complimented the pool party and color-scheme
The invite read:
He learned to sit and crawl and stand
But he has another first that’s grand
So come along and help us cheer
As we celebrate his First Year
We will have food and cake and fun
(Bring your swim stuff if there’s sun)
Hooray! Brinley Kingston is turning ONE


mommak said...

SO cute!! :) Looks like you enjoyed the day!

Kimmy said...

Have I told you how amazing you are?! Everything turned out SO cute, I can't even stand it! Thanks for your lovely shout outs to me, especially the trip to the "unique" stores! eaha :)