Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We eat bubbles

SUPERHEROES in the bath tub, superheroes in every NOOK and CRANNY in the house. Who am I kidding? These are BOYS we are talking about. Even if they don't chase frogs it DOESN'T mean that they aren't full-hearted boys! Cause trust me THEY are. They cannot even take a bath normal. There is water from the CEILING to the FLOORS at bath time. After they get bored eating BUBBLES they leap over eachother and make a GOOD attempt to be the first to the newly added bath toys. I guess there is a lot to get used when it comes to raising boys. Who am I kidding even I laugh when they toot in the tub

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Kimmy said...

Oh they are so precious!! I love how the are both 100% BOY, no doubt about that! I think Brinners is starting to look more like Rowan every day.