Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ice-cream social

WOW! Is it that time for Rowan to go to Pre-k already?! We are VERY excited about this big change in his life. However, I think Rowan is MORE excited than we are... which really makes us at peace with the TOUGH decision to send our 3 year old off to school. We had been teeter-tottering the idea for some time just praying that GOD would give us direction on what to do about pre-school. After MCA dropped their 3 year old program's tuition for Tues/Thurs we KNEW that we had our answer. PERFECT PEACE. Ever since then Rowan has done nothing but make us CONFIDENT about this decision. He is so EAGER to learn! He is SO attentive and retains knowledge so well. All of a sudden he has GREAT interest in God and Bible stories (which is the most amazing thing to witness as a mother.) I am very confident that MCA is where Rowan IS suppose to start!
I also love that he has ever growing enthusiasm:
He keeps asking what day he is starting...so we made a cute countdown calendar.
He keeps checking out his supplies making sure they are all there...he carries his backpack around everywhere.
He even asks when he gets to wear his uniform.... I love that he calls them "my work shirts"
There is no doubt that Sept 14th will be a sad day, but I know that he is well equipped and more then ready for God to start working in him!

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Kimmy said...

Not gonna lie...this post made ME teary-eyed!!! I just keep thinking that he just simply can't be old enough for school already?! I can only imagine how that must make you feel then since I'm only his Auntie! However, I am SO excited for him and I know he will do SO great! I can't wait to hear all his funny stories about Pre-K!