Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I really do love how little boys think!

Here is Brinley directing traffic. As you can see there are a lot of confused people at the park so his services were greatly appreciated.

Rowan (the sweet little boy who is scared of lots of things) thought he heard a frog... or a snake... or a squirrel ...or a monster so he hopped up on the bridge to make sure his ankles weren't dinner, Brinley of course followed orders.

After they found that they were safe (and that the wind was what made Rowan jump) they decided it was safe to run and play freely once again.

Yep, Rowan is as sweet as he looks, always helping and watching out for Brinley... even though on most occasions Brinley throws a sharp and dense object at Rowan's head. It is a shock that Brinley hasn't sent Rowan to the ER yet (knock on wood!)

Casually watching the blue jay that Rowan spotted in the cottontails. He is so handsome.
 I was talking about Rowan, not the bird. Ok I suppose the bird was handsome too. 

 Brinley trying to go on an adventure but he kept tripping and falling, those chubby legs seem to be getting heavier and heavier to lift these days.

I thought that he was picking these for me... but he wasn't. He was picking them because he wanted to see how high he could throw them. DUH, MOMMY! -Rowan's words not mine.

Just taking a moment to reminisce about the 2 deer we spotted on our way to the park. As soon as I said, I thought they lived in that forest behind us, Rowan decided it was time to go. I guess he was worried that the snake... or frog ...or squirrel may have been a deer spying on us through the trees :) 

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