Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guh, he is growing so fast

Little boys grow up. It is true. It is also a hard thing to grasp. Brinley is getting into all kinds of trouble. Among his favorite things like unplugging things from outlets, digging receipts out of my purse, and throwing my cell phone He has added pulling the milk out of the fridge to this endless list. This boys loves getting dirty. It also doesn't help that we often laugh at him cause he looks so cute and innocent. It is hard to be frustrated when he is giggling and his belly is jiggling. The messy moments are often my favorite. I just wish I could bottle up every moment. There are just too many that seem to slip through my memory. I am lucky if I get any of it on video, they never seem to perform for the cameras. Brinley won't even walk for the camera. We have tried so hard to catch his laughter when we all applaud his walking efforts. 
If you can't tell Brinley is one of the happiest babies I have seen. He is always smiling and waving at people. He even crawls up to snuggle on laps of company and guests in our home. He is a lot more predictable than Rowan ever was. It is so fun to see how different their personalities are. I can see that they will be so good for each other when they are older. They will teach each other so many wonderful things in life. I am so happy that I get them both to teach me. I know I have to let them grow up and learn things on their own I just can't promise that I won't try to capture it all.


faces said...

Oh so cute little Mr. Brinley is just figuring out that legs are for walking-

aprilchanel said...

LOVE, LOVE love this post. it made me teary eyed. You do such a great job with both your boys and I love that they have such different personalities. Brinley is for real that happiest baby I know and I feel so blessed to get to see him grow!! You are an amazing mommy, writer, and friend. I consider myself blessed!!

Kimmy said...

First off, LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics they are all amazing!!

You are so right about Brinley being the happiest baby ever, and I love that he is so different from Rowan. You are so right, they will be able to balance and teach each other so much in life!!