Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pre-K update

I first off want to say how blessed I am that my husband and I both graduated from a private school that holds high standards for education and GOD! We have definitely been blessed to do the same for Rowan. I can see major changes happening at the young age of  3 (almost 4).  A couple weeks ago Rowan kept repeating "I am healed from the top of head to the tips of my toes" it is a scripture in the daily confessions that they do in school. It sparked something in me. I was given those confessions early this year and encouraged to do them with him at home. Like most things I started out VERY ambitious, and like most things I do, it quickly got forgotten. I was so thankful to know that his teachers are MUCH more pro active! When I initially looked at them I was wondering if these tiny tots would really be able to know them all. Guess I didn't give Rowan enough credit he knows most of them.We have been successfully been doing them at home for 2 weeks now. On top of that I have encouraged Rowan to take over for a little bit when we pray on the way to school he always prays for the kids in his class who were out sick for the day. It is the most precious thing to see that he is really learning to care for others.
Today while I was giving Brinley a bath I overheard Rowan is his room blabbering on and on and on like he usually does. Then my ears perked up, he was saying something that I recognized. He recited the ENTIRE pledge of allegiance. I got misty eyed and my heart was thumping with pride. It was so humbling to hear him say such profound words. It is such an amazing feeling to know you live in a free country where we are able to raise my kids with religious freedom. That is something worth fighting for! It really breaks my heart to think there are schools where God has been removed. how can you look at your child and tell me there is no God?
Sorry I did not intend for this to become so deep.
Among these huge leaps he also has a fast growing love for singing songs that his wonderful teachers share with him. He loves telling me the months of the year...I don't think I knew those until like 2nd grade!!  He can now write his name without any help and he loves to point out what letters he recognizes while we drive. He also points out kids in target who look like his classmates or one of the toys that another kid brought for show'n'share. Most of all he loves recess, go figure. I love hearing the kids tromp back into school (after playing outside )and try to hang their things back up. They are becoming so independent! I am so thankful that we made the decision to send him this year. We are only 2 months in so I can't imagine how much fun he is going to have the rest of this year.

{above:rectangle day at school~even the fake stamp was a rectangle:)}



Kimmy said...

I'm so proud of that little boy and how much he is learning! I love hearing his stories and I know that he is being so blessed & nurtured at school. Praise God that He is so good to His children and has blessed you guys with the provision to do this for Rowan!

aprilchanel said...

I LOVE him!! He is so precious and think that it is amazing everything he is learning, not only intellectually but also spiritually. He is so special and takes amazing pics!! Thanks for keeping us updated on school-it just sounds so great-for REAL. love you!