Friday, June 10, 2011

We are out from hibernation

 Sometimes there are days when all we eat Cheetos for lunch, and Skittles for breakfast. We do anything we can just to survive the day.  I am finding those days to be fewer and far between (thank the Heavens!) I am not sure if it is the ease of summer or just the fact that my boys are getting older, but we seem to have more and more days filled with laughter, fun and simplicity. I am thinking that I may get this mommy-of-2 gig figured out after all.

 On another note:
I love the little secrets my boys share with each other. They have many private moments that I so want to be part of but I know it is best if I let them keep those moments sacred. Brinley is sure whirling new things at us each day, but he seems to have one thing that is constant, he ADORES his big brother. It is hard to see your baby trying to grow up so fast, but it is a treasure to see him so love his big brother so much. Rowan is finally learning that his little pal isn't such a bother. In fact, he is quickly learning how great it is to have a #1 fan. I know that this is just the start of their friendship but it is just so fun to watch it all happen.

It feels so nice to be back blogging:)

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Kimmy said...

Yay welcome back! I love the pics they are starting to look SO grown up! They are such sweet buddies, it melts my heart <3