Monday, August 1, 2011

what 10 minutes with Brinley looks like

This post just wouldn't be the same if his face was clean! Little grubby.

 (I want a kiss)

 (please don't make me eat that)

 (I am spiderman)

 (I am up to no good)

 (I want another kiss)

 (I am scaring you)

 (I am so proud of myself)

(Oh, crap! I lost)


Kimmy said...

Oh my gosh I love that little bugger! He seriously has the BEST expressions ever! My favorite (and not so fav) is his I wanna kiss face! LOL! So cute and gross at the same time.

faces said...

Well that pretty much sums him up without words... Full of expression, wonder, humor & good old fashioned mystery-keep your eye on him-he's got mischief on his mind;)

aprilchanel said...

i love him. that is all.