Monday, September 13, 2010

snips and sails and puppy dog tails....that's what little boys are made of

I am definately finding my stride as a mom of 2 boys:) It wasn't something that came natural to me. Being a mom, of course, was the easy part... but figuring out what boys like was a WHOLE 'nother story. I am a girly girl and getting pee'd on the first 4 times I changed my new baby's diaper was not what I had signed up for. Wow how I have changed! I admit I still have my frilly and fluffy outlets but they do not bring me as much joy as getting tackled by a 3 year old.

You have to be a mother of a boy to understand what it feels like to find a rock left in their jeans pocket when you go to wash them. It isn't something I get upset about. It is proof that a little boy's world is always a treasure hunt.
My boys often have grass stains on their pants and holes in the knees. It is proof that tackiling the dog can be more fun than anything else you can conjur up.
Oh, of course, there are nights when the sofa is not used for sitting, but it is a plush landing for the newest superhero in town to make his brave entrance.
One too many times I have learned that Star Wars characters hide under the lampshades to get away from the evil Sith Lords.
Daily I am lectured that books are not to be read until bed time, but in the meantime they are tents for Thomas, Percy and James until they get back to tidmouth sheds....

It is so fun to have every moment filled with adventures and new ideas. My heart is full and my dreams are a reality. I would not have it any other way.

Here is to little boys who get dirty all day and still liked to be cuddled and loved when the sun goes down

he's going, going, gone!


Kimmy said...

Oh they turned out SO cute!! I especially love the ones of him in the frame & then the last few of him on the chair! He was the perfect little subject :)

Elizabeth Lenox said...

Oh, those pictures are fantastic! What a cutie!!

Sara said...

Oh Shaynah, I just love what you write! Many of your words just capture the feelings I have of being a mother! I am so honored to have such a good friend!!