Sunday, September 12, 2010

pre-engagement session

Sara and I have a lot of things in common, but one of the most important is how much we love parenting.
So you guessed it, we have decided to bring BACK the fading trend of ARRANGED MARRIAGES!
We have decided that is THEE only way that we will keep the BLONDE hair BLUE-eyed population alive.
Although you may seem SKEPTIC, we both are praying moms so you just NEVER know:)
 haha all kidding aside, we both have a great love of hobbies and creativity. So it was only natural that we
had this little playdate/ photo session with our crazy cute kids.
So after we got this "let's get inspired" urge we tossed some books, old chipped shabby chic chairs, and our kids into Sara's truck and to the farm we went. Oh, we didn't have to go far! Sara has beautiful fields and crops just next door. It is unbelievable!  Peaceful. Serene. And full of KILLER mosquitoes. Totally worth being eatin alive to get a handful of cute pictures don't ya think?! 



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Kimmy said...

Oh my goodness! So cute! :) I love the one of them in black and white reading books! They will make a cute couple someday hahah :)