Friday, September 3, 2010

Speak and be heard

"Because you CAN'T be perfect... just be you" has become my new life mantra (accidentally). As a mom I realize that teaching your children to be who they are in every instance in life is very important. That your children need to stay true to their character no matter the circumstance. I have (several times) been leary on this very statement. Wondering if sometimes I should keep my mouth shut when I have an opinion. And well some of you may say "Yes, keep it shut" I disagree. I am so greatful that my parents encouraged me to share my thoughts publicly. Of course, I have made some mistakes... but those mistakes helped me see things I wanted to change about myself. Those mistakes also helped me see who my real friends are. And those mistakes brought me wisdom from others. I want my children to be able to defend who they are and what they stand for. I also want them to have the guts to stand up for someone else when they see the need. I know there will be a time when they will be challenged, and if they do not know how to stand up for themselves then who will? My kids will have the confidence to defend their hearts. To defend eachother. And most importantly defend their faith. As long as they have the courage to speak I believe one day there will be an audience to hear it.

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Kimmy said...

One of the things that I love so much about you is that you aren't afraid to speak your mind and be the person who God made you to be. I love that what you see if what you get with you, and that's a great quality to possess.

I know that as your boys grow up, that is something they will grow to love about you as well! Not only will they love that about you, I know that it will be something they will seek to emulate in their own lives.

Oh and as always adorable pictures of the boys! Love you!!