Monday, November 29, 2010

A Sweet 4 year old and his party

I can not believe that my precious boy is 4. What a wonderful gift it is to be Rowan's mommy. I knew from the moment Andy and I got married that I wanted to be a mom, but never could I have imagined what a beautiful experience it truly would be! Andy and I are still just as smitten with Rowan as we were when he was itty bitty and coming home from the hospital. Honestly, he is such an amazing little boy and we can't seem to get enough of him. I can't even begin to try and share all of the wonderful things we experience every day. This past year has been extraordinary! Rowan's now starting to become a little adult, it is hard for me to admit that because I try to shove those thoughts away as quickly as they come. But honestly having him be a little older has so many new exciting things that come with it. His imagination is EXPLODING. He is thinking extremely UNIQUE thoughts and saying the FUNNIEST things I have ever heard. He is really quite clever. I am starting to see the world in a new way, and I can only thank Rowan for that! There are definitely challenges faced with raising a child in this day, but I truly believe that his gentle demeanor and kind heart will stay with him forever. I just can't believe this journey can get any better and every day it DOES! I love being a mommy and taking in every moment as my children grow. I love you my little Row Row!

On a star wars related note:
Last year for Rowan's 3rd birthday he received a light saber, in which, he had been begging for. I didn't think much of it considering he truly had no idea what it was or what it is used for. In fact, he had little knowledge of Star Wars all together! Little did I know that I was permitting a new obsession. WOW! One year later and we are full on Star Wars. I am not exaggerating... it is one of the only toys Rowan likes to play with for long lengths of time. When I think back on his tiny 3 year old habbits I mostly think of sports guys. Now Star Wars villains are creeping in every nook and cranny. So it was only fitting that he chose a Star Wars themed party. Enjoy!
ps Rowan wanted a transformer cake...haha he is so silly!


Kimmy said...

Golly he is getting SO big!! It's always so sweet to hear you dote on your boys! Rowan is truly precious and I love how much he is becoming a little man! It's so sweet to watch and I am honored to even be a small part of his life! :)

His party was completely fantastic and you did a great job in putting Star Wars on every little touch of the party! You're amazing!

Randine said...

That is so sweet. I love how creative you have gotten over the last year! I am taking some tips from you :)

Ruffled Snob said...

thanks Randine! It is so much fun:) I love having projects to keep busy!