Wednesday, October 6, 2010

am I 2 kids short of having it all together?

Some things in life just make you laugh, other things really make you evaluate if you are a wrecking ball....
As usual I picked Rowan up from school and I realized once again that I was OVERWHELMED by the thought of having to make my boys lunch. If you know my mom I am sure it doesn't shock you to hear that. Yep, I inherited the "Panic it's time to eat" gene. So instead of stressing myself out I opted for one of our favorites, Panera. You can bring your loud mouth kids to a place like that and not feel flustered by their run-on sentences about nothing, or even the discovery of their voices hitting loud pitches. So there I was with my 2 children as I casually run in to an acquaintance (we said a brief hello and quickly went separate ways to get inside the restaurant).  I noticed how she swiftly maneuvered her stroller through the door while one of her FOUR lovely children held it open. Then there was me begging Rowan to hurry in as I tried to keep the door from whacking him as it closed. We went about our business ordering, finding a place to sit and so-on.  I was filling up my glass with soda while determined little Rowan was forcing a lemon into his small glass of water that I was teetering in my hand, in which is holding Brinley,  when who walks over but my acquaintance... we engage in small talk about our childrens' ages when she looks at me very politely and gently says "Do you need help? You look like your hands are full." I bashfully look away and then in an instant set my gaze back on her and splurt "DO I NEED HELP???" she paused and thought I was taking offense until I burst into laughter and continued "there is something VERY wrong with the fact that a mother of FOUR is asking me (with my 2 kids) if I need help, but sadly yes, yes I do...."
we both chuckled to ourselves at what had just happened and then I thought, "Am I really that bad of a wreck?" "No wonder people always lend me a hand, I am a public disaster!"
Lesson learned: No matter what it is always polite to ask another mom if she needs your help, because sometimes it is just the thoughtful gesture that may make her re-evaluate her frustrations or even just give her the laugh that she needs in that moment! Oh, also apparently the more kids you have the better mom you are.
I am ok with being a wrecking ball as long as these 2 kids are barreling through life with me:)


Kimmy said...

Have I ever told you how amazing you are?! I hope to be 1/2 that Mom that you are someday, and I mean that with all my heart!

I love this post and I think that even in the chaos of life, you managed to keep it an organized chaos! :) And I will still think of you at times as Super Mommy who has it all together, even with a VERY free spirited, energetic 3 year old, and chubba chubba handful of a 1 year old .

Oh, and adding to my forever long comment....those pics of the boys are so stinking adorable. I love them all!

Lovely Little Things said...

Kimmy, your comments are too kind. Almost even made me cry. Seriously you will be a better mommy than me! But everyone is perfectly equipped for the children they have. I am totally full of chaos but I kinda like it that way, makes everything an adventure