Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Auntie Moochie

I had the pleasure of photographing my sister's BEAUTIFUL children and although they are sweet as can be, they were LESS than thrilled to have their pictures taken. They didn't buy the LIE that their mommy was paying their Auntie Moochie (that is what they call me) to take their family pictures. However,  Leightyn(5 years old) did NOT need much coaxing as soon as she saw the props she was all about it! The boys on the other hand NEVER quite thought it was cool in fact they wandered off more then anything... as you will see Wrigley(3yrs old) let his true personality SHINE. Caideyn (7 years old) stood still for perhaps a second or two. Oh well, at least it was a fun day out and I got glimpse of what life with 3 kids REALLY feels like:) Plus, the root-beer floats at the end made it all worth while. I can't blame the kids, I am their Aunt after all it's not like I am a professional.
(be sure to look at them ALL because I saved the BEST for last)




 I did get ONE of all 3 looking at me and smiling!
Something to leave you with. Life isn't always about pictures with perfect smiles...These are my favorite 3. They may not be perfect but they describe life!


faces said...

Typical Wriggs!

Kimmy said...

Oh I love them all!!! You're amazing :) Will you take pics of my kids one day? LOL :)

Honestly I love the last three a bunch! Wrigley's is especially great! I love the ones with the AMAZING pop crate!!

Sara said...

These are really great, Shaynah! The last one IS the funniest! Cute kids!