Thursday, October 14, 2010


Halloween is by far my least favorite festivity to celebrate. Having kids sure makes it hard to ignore. So I was determined to find NON spooky ways to join in. I guess we do turn into our parents after all. I am like my mom in many ways such as: put the Christmas tree up in October, buy stuff then process what just happened and then consider your returns, and lastly I don't let my kids dress up like Dracula. Yep that is right  you won't be seeing my kids dressed up as ghosts or goblins or anything bloody. They are both completely fine with that! I am more interested in the harvest looking decor and we will certainly decorate some pumpkins!!
(I have a strange feeling that a star wars pumpkin will be lingering outside our door)
So here's to you who are with me... there are enough creeps in the world let's not add to them this halloween BWAHAHAHAHA

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Kimmy said...

I'm with ya!!! And I think you are totally right about the Star Wars pumpkin!